Strange England

Strange England
Strange England

“The more The Doctor dreams, “ the Quack said, “The more real I become. He has not yet dreamed me fully, but he will.

When the TARDIS lands in the idyllic gardens of a Victorian country house, Ace knows that something terrible is bound to happen. The Doctor disagrees. Sometimes things really are as perfect as they seem.

Then they discover a young girl whose body has been possessed by a beautiful but lethal insect. And they meet the people of the House: innocents who have never known age, pain, or death – until now.

Now their rural paradise is turning into a world of nightmare. A world in which the familiar is being twisted into something evil and strange. A world ruled by the Quack, whose patent medicines are deadly poisons and whose aim is the total destruction of the Doctor.


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  • Strange England is the twenty-ninth New Adventures novel. It features the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Bernice Summerfield
  • A TARDIS Protyon UNIT is the reason why some TARDISes have independent thought.
  • The Doctor has a moment of spoon playing.
  • Ace’s skin is pale from being in space for so long.

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