Strackman Lux



Strackman Lux



Place of Origin:



Silence In The Library / Forest of the Dead

Main Actor:

Steve Pemberton


Strackman Lux was the grandson of Felman Lux, the human who built the Library.

After the library computer locked down the Library it took three generations of the Lux family to decode the seals. Strackman assembled an expedition to find out what had gone wrong. He travelled to the planet with Professor River Song and other archaeologists.

He was the apparent head of the Felman Lux Corporation at the time of the expedition to the Library. His personal assistant was Miss Evangelistaat first his intentions seemed to be protecting his family’s patent for the Library. (Silence in the Library) Later, however, it became apparent that he was motivated by familial concern for Charlotte Lux (CAL). The Doctor eventually understood he was just trying to protect his relative and ordered Lux and River to prepare all data cells for maximum download for when he released everyone from CAL. Lux was working at the Library terminal at the main reception desk when the people CAL rescued teleported in. Lux was stunned to see them but overjoyed that The Doctor was able to rescue the 4, 022 people who had been trapped in the Library data core for 100 years. (Forest of the Dead)


Strackman’s first name does not appear in the two-parter. His full name comes from the credited.

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