The Caves of Androzani

Main Actor:

Maurice Roëves


Stotz was a mercenary hired by Morgus to illegally sell weapons to the renegade Sharaz Jek. He was intolerant of dissent amongst his troops, regularly threatening them. He even tried to make Krelper bite into a poison pill while holding a knife to his throat.

Stotz went to a meeting with Jek to sell a batch of weapons, but because of their tardiness they were only given some of their pay, a supply of spectrox. From this, they figured out Jek’s store of spectrox was nearby and reported this to Morgus. The remaining two mercenaries of Stotz’ band refused to cooperate in Morgus’ new plan to raid the store, so Stotz shot them.

While searching for the store, Morgus and Stotz found Jek, who attacked them. In the fight, Stotz shot Jek, an event that ultimately caused his death. However, Stotz shared in Jek’s eventual fate when he was killed by Jek’s most developed Android, Salateen. (The Caves of Androzani)

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