The Stone House

The Stone House
The Stone House


If you get out, you’d think you’d be one of the lucky ones. But you’re not.
The house infects you.

There’s an old stone house near Coal Hill School. Most people hurry past it. They’ve heard the stories. But, if you stop, and look up, you’ll see the face of a girl, pressed up against a window. Screaming.

Tanya finds herself drawn to the stone house. There’s a mystery there, and she’s going to solve it. But the more she investigates, the more she realises that there’s a presence in the house. One that wants her.

Something is waiting for Tanya in the stone house. Something that has been trapping others in its web over the years. Something that is far worse than any ghost.


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  • The Stone House was the second of the three originally planned Class novels, tied to the first series. It was written by A.K. Benedict.
  • Although, based on the dates mentioned in television episodes, the main events of this story are supposed to be happening in October-November 2016, repeated mentions of a heat wave and pictures of “packed British beaches” in newspapers suggest that A. K. Benedict intended the story to take place in the summer. This makes dating some of the events of the story uncertain.
  • Matteusz’s identification with Kate McKinnon makes even more sense given that she is openly gay.
    When the Coal Hill defenders split up investigating the house with Tanya going upstairs with Charlie and Matteusz and Miss Quill, April and
  • Ram trying to find the basement, Tanya suddenly interferes in the conversation of the latter team happening downstairs. (Presumably, these are Ram’s words, erroneously assigned to Tanya.)
  • April says:”My parents aren’t going to let me out of the house…” even though her father is not living with them and is not even allowed to approach April without permission.
  • Tanya wears pyjamas with unicorns.
  • Tanya has an idea to use EMF readers like on Most Haunted.
  • Charlie compares them with ghost busters.
  • Miss Quill compares Constantine Oliver to the Cheshire Cat in reverse.

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