Stone Cold

Stone Cold
Stone Cold


Tom Baker (The Doctor), Louise Jameson (Leela), Nerys Hughes (Margaret Hopwood), Chase Brown (Sergeant Ray Hunter), Barnaby Edwards (Stan Trubshaw/Private Massey/Edie’s Dad/Old Reg), Joe Jameson (Jacob Harmer (16)/Jacob Harmer (35)), Evie Killip (Edie Carter), Jackson Milner (Private Joe Powell), Paul Panting (Nate Duffy/Mr Fennec), Ronald Pickup (Jacob Harmer), Sara Powell (Moira Tenaka)


12.5 Stone Cold by Roland Moore (4 parts)

The TARDIS lands on a rocky, volcanic planet and its crew soon find they are not alone.

A pleasure cruiser has recently crashed on this world… but survival has proved rather dangerous.

Because there’s something out on the surface snatching people away. Something made of stone. And with wings.

Don’t blink.



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