The Star Beast Novelisation

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The Star Beast Novelisation

The Star Beast Novelisation


Pages 160
ISBN 1785948458
Publication Date 11 January 2024


A life-changing encounter. A fugitive from the stars. Wrathful warriors in pursuit.

Landing on Earth, The Doctor finds a stranded alien in need of protection – and is dragged headlong into the life of his old friend Donna Noble, knowing that if she ever remembers their time together, she will die…

Based on a script by Russell T Davies, this brand-new adventure for Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary features David Tennant as the Fourteenth Doctor and Catherine Tate as Donna Noble.

Episode Guide



    The Hunt
    The Star Beast
    The Psychedelic Sun
    Hour of the Beast
    Revenge of the Wrarth
    Countdown to Apocalypse
    Here We Go Again


  • The opening sequence of the Doctor and Donna breaking the fourth wall is omitted.
  • The Doctor implies that the TARDIS kicked him out.
  • The milkman who appeared in The Stolen Earth, here named as Stew Ferguson, is given a central role in the story.
  • The exact state of Donna’s memories after having everything related to the Doctor removed is expanded on;
  • From Donna’s perspective, Lance Bennett simply disappeared on their wedding day, and her family removed all mention of him from her social media.
  • Sylvia, Shaun and Wilf banned all mention of science fiction to prevent Donna being at risk of remembering The Doctor.
  • The ringleader of the lads who harass Rose is given the full name Callum Wingate.
  • Fudge and Rose mention their friend Sharon Allen.
  • Fudge notes the Wrath Warriors he encountered came out of Mrs Higgins’ garden.
  • There is more of Fudge providing a running commentary on events to Sharon over the phone.
  • The novelisation includes a female UNIT sergeant named Vaughan, who acts as Colonel Chan’s aide and is the one who comes to the Nobles’ front door in this version.
  • The sleeping man The Doctor and company pass is named as Billy MacPherson, a friend of Stew who has a tendency to sleep through alien incidents.
  • Instead of them being cut off, Rose’s insists her family go back to help and join up with Shirley.
  • Shaun and Sylvia witness Rose’s becoming part of the metacrisis earlier than it is revealed on screen.
  • It is mentioned that the Wrarth Warriors are working under the authority of Judge Scraggs.
  • Fudge is state to be working towards a new controller for his PlayStation.
  • The Doctor directs UNIT to take the Meep into custody shortly before the second group of Wrath Warriors arrive to take over.
  • The leader of the second group of Wrath Warriors is named as Captain Zagran.
  • There are a number of fictional documents between the chapters, such as an exchange between Rose and her customer and a Wikipedia-esque article on Meepkind.
  • The Doctor pretends to be about to hug Sylvia near the climax.
  • Sylvia, Shaun and Rose’s reaction to the TARDIS going out of control is omitted.

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