The Sontaran Experiment


Doctor Who and the Sontaran Experiment


Pages 96
ISBN 0-426-20049-7
Publication Date 7 December 1978


Landing on Earth, now a barren, desolate planet, Sarah, Harry and the Fourth Doctor are unaware of the large, watching robot. The robot is the work of Styre, a Sontaran warrior, who uses all humans landing here for his experimental programmes.

What has happened to the other space explorers who have come here?

Why is the Sontaran scout so interested in Earth and is brutally torturing humans, including Sarah Jane? Will The Doctor, be able to prevent an invasion and certain disaster, and save both Earth and his companions?



  1. Stranded
  2. Unknown Enemies
  3. Capture
  4. The Experiment
  5. Mistaken Identities
  6. The Challenge
  7. Duel to the Death
  8. A Surprise and a Triumph


  • Unlike the televised story, in which Fourth Doctor, Sarah, and Harry use Space Station Nerva’s transmat to come down to Earth, they come down in the TARDIS, which is then accidentally returned to Nerva by the transmat.
  • Nerva is consistently referred to by Fourth Doctor and other characters as “Terra Nova “.
  • Despite being called Styre on the back cover, within the text the Sontaran refers to himself as Sontaran Military Assessor Styr.
  • After falling down a hole, Fourth Doctor has a dream about rats chewing their way into the TARDIS.
  • Harry initially believes the Sontaran to be a Golem.
  • Sarah destroys one of the patrol robots with the Fourth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver.

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