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At Childhood’s End

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Adele Silva


Abigail was Midge’s younger sister, who was given the nickname Squeak. (At Childhood’s End)

The two resided with their mother in a flat in Perivale. Both Squeak and her brother were friends of Ace, who had known them since they were born, and had babysat them at school when their mother had been working late,

In 1989, after Midge returned to Earth from the Cheetah World, infected with the Cheetah Virus and under The Master’s control, Squeak saw her mother being transported to the Cheetah world and her cat being killed by the “bad cat ” The Master brought. The Seventh Doctor and Ace later arrived and found her crying. After learning what had happened, Ace took her to her grandmother’s flat upstairs. (Survival)

When she was fifteen, she decided that she was going to be an actress, and Abigail “wasn’t showbizzy enough”, and so told everyone to call her Chantelle. She started out by modelling clothes in Henrik’s, and then landed small parts in soap operas and a large role in a low-budget horror film. This led to her being noticed by a high-end fashion house, achieving her childhood ambition of being famous. By 2020, Chantelle was thirty-seven years old and still working as a model. She went clubbing on weeknights and attracted a lot of young male fans, including Ryan Sinclair.

Although Chantelle loved the “party girl” lifestyle, she used some of herearnings to set up an anti-knife crime initiative, and donating money to youth centres, skateboard parks and libraries, which Dorothy admired her for. Dorothy invited Chantelle to join A Charitable Earth multiple times, but she declined. When Dorothy visited her, she had been hearing strange noises at night, and had noticed the large amount of rats that had suddenly appeared in the area, but had decided this were because of the food bins that had been left out. She was friends with Gina, who told her that Kim Fortune had been”poking about” too, which she told Dorothy.

Although she was famous, she bought a flat in the same block as her mother and grandmother, and stayed in the same area, which Dorothy admired, although she rarely woke up until after twelve o’clock. (At Childhood’s End)


According to another source, Squeak died in the early 21st century when her immune system gave out, having been weakened by severe pollution. (Cat’s Cradle: Warhead)

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