Planet of the Spiders

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Planet of the SpidersPlanet of the SpidersPlanet of the Spiders


Pages 121
ISBN 0-426-11068-4
Publication date

16 October 1975





`It’s happening, Brigadier! It’s happening!’ Sarah cried out. The Brigadier watched, fascinated, as the lifeless body of his old friend and companion, Dr Who, suddenly began to glow with an eerie golden light …

The features were blurring, changing … `Well, bless my soul.’ Said the Brigadier. `WHO will he be next?’

Read the last exciting adventure of DR WHO’s 3rd Incarnation!.












  • Prologue: The Mystery of the Crystal
  1. The Menace at the Monastery
  2. The Deadly Experiment
  3. The Coming of the Spider
  4. The chase for the Crystal
  5. The Council of the Spiders
  6. Arrival on Metebelis Three
  7. Prisoner of the Spiders
  8. The Doctor Hits Back
  9. In the Lair of the Great One
  10. Return to Earth
  11. The Battle with the Spiders
  12. The Last Enemy
  • Epilogue: An End and a Beginning


  • Dicks adds a prologue featuring former companion Jo Grant, who is referenced but otherwise does not appear on screen in the TV version. Jo is referred to as Josephine Jones, which is consistent with the name she uses when she returns to television in 2010 in Death of the Doctor.
  • The original broadcast included references to Dr. Sullivan, but in the book this becomes Dr. Sweetman.
  • Lupton‘s fate is depicted more gruesomely in the novel.
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