Sonic Lipstick

Invasion of the Bane


Sonic Lipstick


Sonic device

Used by:

Sarah Jane Smith
Maria Jackson
Luke Smith
Clyde Langer
Rani Chandra
Eleventh Doctor

First Seen In:

Invasion of the Bane

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Invasion of the Bane


The sonic lipstick was a sonic device similar to the sonic screwdriverowned by The Doctor, and regularly employed by Sarah Jane Smith. It resembled a genuine 21st-century lipstick closely enough not to seem suspicious.


The sonic lipstick was given to Sarah Jane by The Doctor (The Shining Man) at some point before the Bane’s attempted invasion of Earth in 2008. (Invasion of the Bane)
Following the destruction of one of the devices by Sontaran Commander Kaagh, Sarah Jane later produced another. (Enemy of the Bane) Although primarily used by Sarah Jane, it was also used by her companions as well as the Eleventh Doctor. (Death of the Doctor, Revenge of the Slitheen, The Empty Planet)


The sonic lipstick looked like a normal lipstick on the outside. The lid came off and it twisted to reveal the emitter. When in use, the sonic lipstick generated a pinkish-red light, and produced several sounds. Like The Doctor’s sonic screwdriver, it also remained ineffective against deadlock seals. The Slitheen described it as a sonic disruptor, (Revenge of the Slitheen) and Sarah Jane once threatened to destroy a talisman with sonic disruption. (Eye of the Gorgon) It ran on some sort of energy which could run out. (Death of the Doctor) It was implied[by whom?] several times that the sonic lipstick could be harmful to humans and other living things. (Warriors of Kudlak, The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, The Curse of Clyde Langer) However, it was never used as an offensive weapon.


Sarah Jane disabling a cloaking field on a sontaran ship. (The Last Sontaran)
Unlocking, locking, opening and closing doors. (Invasion of the Bane)
Sending an electrical charge, and cut cables. (Eye of the Gorgon)
Interfering with Mr. Grantham’s comms device and to UNIT soldiers causing a very high-pitched noise. (Warriors of Kudlak, Enemy of the Bane)
Opening the Pharos Institute’s doors. (The Lost Boy)
Disabling the Pharos Institute’s security lasers. (The Lost Boy)
Malfunteditioning a motorbike enough for it to spark and slightly disorientate the rider. (The Lost Boy)
Disabling a cloaking field on a Sontaran ship. (The Last Sontaran)
Destroying two sphere-shaped drones. (The Last Sontaran)
De-activating Kaagh’s control device. (The Last Sontaran)
Seizing the joints of robot clowns. (The Day of the Clown)
Unsuccessfully unlocking a telekinetically locked door. (The Day of the Clown)
Cutting a piece of meteorite. (The Day of the Clown)
Shattering a glass mirror. (The Day of the Clown)
Using it against an alien life form, but it is unknown what the sonic lipstick actually does to the alien life form. (The Mark of the Berserker)
Disabling/enabling a car engine. (The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith)
Destroying the Tunguska Scroll. (Enemy of the Bane)
Teleporting a Slitheen back to its home. (From Raxacoricofallapatorius With Love)
Destroying a communication system. (Prisoner of the Judoon)
Smashing glass. (Prisoner of the Judoon)
Releasing the Nan oforms into the genetic system. (Prisoner of the Judoon)
Locking on the Nan oforms to Clyde and Rani. (Prisoner of the Judoon)
Breaking into a theme park. (The Mad Woman in the Attic)
Opening, unlocking and locking various doors. (The Eternity Trap)
Sarah Jane disabling the machine the Slitheen built. (The Gift)
Trying to disable the machine the Slitheen built. (The Gift)
Deactivating the Blathereen’s teleporter. (The Gift)
Disabling Minty’s alien detector. (The Vault of Secrets)
Opening a padlock. (The Vault of Secrets)
Trying to deactivate the Men in Black, but failed. (The Vault of Secrets)
Breaking down Mister Dread’s car. (The Vault of Secrets)
Activating a deactivated Mister Dread. (The Vault of Secrets)
Mantainance on The Doctor’s teleport device. (Death of the Doctor)
Opening a ventilation shaft. (Death of the Doctor)
Unlocking a bike lock. (The Empty Planet)
Spinning a light shade. (The Empty Planet)
Unlocking Sarah Jane’s chains. (Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith)
Activating Ruby White’s teleport device. (Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith)
Reactivating a radio. (Sky)


According to the Data Files on the menu screen of the DVD release of series 1 of the Sarah Jane Adventures, Sarah Jane found the sonic lipstick inside K9. However, on The Shining Man, the Twelfth Doctor establishes he once owned a sonic lipstick and gave it to a friend.
Character Options released a sonic lipstick replica featuring lights and sounds. The toy was slightly different from the original, in that the ridges in the actual prop are less deep and the coat was shiny metal rather than brown plastic (Revenge of the Slitheen, The Last Sontaran)

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