Regular Cast

The Doctor – Colin Baker
Peri Brown – Nicola Bryant
Computer / Inner Voice – Jane Carr
Grant – Jon Glover
Bates / Snatch – Nick Revell
Mutant / Stewart – Alan Thompson
Slarn – Valentine Dyall
Seedle – Ron Pember

This six-part radio play starring Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant details the Sixth Doctor and Peri’s adventure on board a starship taken over by its dual personality computer. It tries to take the ship back to the dawn of the universe and start life again. Along the way The Doctor and Peri meet a couple of comedy policemen, an art thief and a captain who wants to infect his crew with one of his diseases…

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  • Slipback is a radio audio drama based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who, produced by the BBC
  • The Doctor and Peri had visited the planet Zerok Minor previously to this story in order ask for directions. They ended up going to a drinking establishment there and drinking large amounts of the alcoholic beverage of Voxnick.
  • Peri says that she does not know The Doctor’s real name, only that he has told her she couldn’t pronounce it.
  • Peri is believed to be a mini Migarian
  • Splay-footed Hedrons are found on the planet Vigal Minor.
  • The placement of this story in relation to other Sixth Doctor / Peri adventures is uncertain, since it was produced between Season 22 and Season 23, however, it’s generally assumed that it takes place in the gap between those two seasons.
  • According to this story, the Vipod Mor is responsible for the Big Bang, yet in Terminus another vessel was responsible for triggering the explosion. Whilst Castrovalva states it was an “in-rush” of hydrogen.


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