Sky Pirates

Sky Pirates
Sky Pirates!


Avast, ye scurvies!

Hoist the mainbrace, splice the anchor and join The Doctor and Benny for the maiden voyage of the good ship Schirron Dream, as it ventures into the fungral dark of air spaces occupied by the Sloathes – those villainous slimy evil shapeshifting monsters of utter and unmitigated evil that have placed a system under siege!

Watch Roslyn Forrester and Chris Cwej have a rough old time of it in durance vile! Meet the intrepid Captain Li Shao, and the beautiful if somewhat single-minded Sun Samurai Leetha t’Zhan! Roast on the dunes of Prometheus, swelter in the foetid jungles of Anea, swim with the Obi-Amphibians of Elysium and freeze off inconvenient items of anatomy on the ice wastes of Reklon in an apparently doomed search for the Eyes of the Schirron, the magickal jewels that will either save the system or destroy it utterly!

Who will live? Who will die? Will The Doctor ever play the harmonium again? All these questions and many more will be answered within the coruscating, fibrillating pages of… Sky Pirates!


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  • Sky Pirates! is the fortieth New Adventures novel. It features the Seventh Doctor, Bernice Summerfield and new companions Roz Forrester and Chris Cwej in their first full novel as companions.
  • Chris Cwej is around twenty years old. He’s well endowed.
  • The Doctorturns Chris into a lizard whilst they’re in the TARDIS.
  • Bernice works as a strip club waitress for some of this novel.
  • Following (one of) the Time Wars, the Time Lords pattern encoded their unborn with a multi-dimensional response to kill their ancient enemies.
  • The Time Wars mentioned in this novel relate to when the Time Lords first achieved time travel. These wars were to eliminate potential threats.
  • It is implied that the Time Lords wiped out a race that could achieve a similar mastery of space and time, a similar idea is considered in Zagreus.

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