The Mad Woman In The Attic




Main Alias:

The Red Demon

First Seen In:

The Mad Woman in the Attic


Alien File: Eve
Monster Hunt

Main Actor:

Eleanor Tomlinson


Eve was a member of a species destroyed during the Last Great Time War. They had certain elemental powers, including psychic abilities and time alteration.


Eve was a humanoid child, with red skin, eyes and hair. She had large, extended ears.

Eve’s race could read timelines and control objects from a distance. They also had the ability to possess and control humans. A juvenile of the species could be strong enough to manipulate objects for a short While but would eventually be exhausted by the effort. Their powers were at least partially linked to their technology, as demonstrated by Eve’s Ship absorbing excess energy from her after she tried to control too many people and machines. (The Mad Woman in the Attic)

Eve’s race was destroyed in a war between two great races, the Time Lords of the Daleks. (Sarah Jane’s Alien Files episode 2) Their ability to read the timelines had made them a target for elimination. It was not stated which side attempted the genocide, though it is presumed to be The Daleks, as Eve said they were exterminated. Eve was smuggled onto a ship by her parents, who sent her to Earth as an evacuee. Her ship crash landed on a beach. Harry Sowersby, the caretakerof a nearby funfair, found Eve. Underorders of Ship, he kept her in the haunted house away from civilisation until Ship rebooted.

When the funfair was closed down, Eve became lonely so she kidnapped and possessed four homeless people to play with her in the fair. When Samuel Lloyd came to the fair, his mind was read by Ship, who found information about Rani Chandra and her friends. Ship believed they could help and made Samuel contact Rani and bring her to the fair. When Rani arrived to investigate the funfairon her own, she stumbled across Eve. She persuaded Eve to leave the haunted mine, but Eve tried to control too many people and rides and began to burn herself out through an excess of energy. Helped to the crash site at the beach by Sarah Jane’s companions and Harry, her energies were absorbed by Ship and her health was restored.

With Ship’s engines repaired, Eve departed Earth to explore the universe, taking along Harry and Samuel. She and Sam later had a son, Adam, who appeared human. (The Mad Woman in the Attic)

Eve was one of the aliens who were caught by the Krulius. (Monster Hunt) She was released by Clyde and Rani. However, the Krulius had managed to take cell samples of his former captured aliens with him, which allowed him to grow clone copies of these aliens, which were all completely in his power. (Return of the Krulius).

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