Place of Origin:



Revenge of the Slitheen

Main Actor:

Pamela Merrick


Wendy was the headmistress of the St Cheldon’s Comprehensive School.

Like many other schools in London, St. Cheldon’s had a new technology block built by Coldfire Construction. However, the school was plagued by endless technical problems with computers constantly crashing or going on the blink. Even reinstalling the entirety of the buildings wiring made no difference, and on top of that, food kept going rotten and there was a persistent smell of batteries. When journalist Sarah Jane Smith arrived at the school to investigate, Wendy met with her and explained her frustrations, as well as showing her an apple which had been fresh that morning but was now completely rotten. When Sarah Jane asked if anyone had tried to figure out the problem, Wendy explained that one of the parent governors had complained about it during a meeting, but was left in traction for three months after falling off his bike the next morning. Wendy sensed that these events were not the end, however. (Revenge of the Slitheen)

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