Sarah Jane Adventures Season 3

Sarah Jane Adventures Season 3 DVD
Sarah Jane Adventures Season 3 DVD


Number of DVDs: 2
DVD Number: BBCDVD3137
Certification: PG
Duration: 360 minutes


A return to 13 Bannerman Road finds Sarah Jane, along with her son Luke, and teenagers Rani and Clyde, with more earth-visiting aliens to investigate. These exciting new adventures include the return of their most fearsome enemy yet – the Judoon, a lonely telepathic alien whose powers grow out of control, unexplained phenomena in a haunted house, a painting that comes to life and a pairof Slitheen- Blathereen attempting to overrun Earth with Rakweed.

And, as Sarah Jane enjoys the happiest day of her life, she is joined by two old companions: her favourite robot dog and a certain time-travellerof great renown…..

Sarah Jane Adventures Season 3 DVD contain the following stories.

Prisoner of the Judoon
The Mad Woman in the Attic
The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith
The Eternity Trap
Mona Lisa’s Revenge
The Gift

Special Features

complete dvd

Special Features

  • CBBC trailers
  • Character, tools & alien profiles


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