Sarah Jane Adventures Season 2

Sarah Jane Season 2 DVD
Sarah Jane Adventures Season 2 DVD


Number of DVDs: 3
DVD Number: BBCDVD2919
Certification: PG
Duration: 360 minutes


Returning in this gripping second series alongside her son Luke, new girl Rani and Clyde, Sarah Jane once again battles to save the Earth. What is the connection between the sinister clown and the missing children? Can Sarah Jane confront heroldest fear and why is her former enemy asking for help?

Join Sarah Jane and her companions as they unlock the mysteries in these twelve thrilling episodes.

Sarah Jane Adventures Season 2 DVD contains

Disc 1
The Last Sontaran
The Day of the Clown

Series 1 synopsis recap
Character, Tools & Alien profiles
Blue Peter interview with cast
Audio clip from the Time Capsule

Disc 2

Secret of the Stars
The Mark of the Berserker

Character, Tools & Alien profiles
Me & my movie with Tommy Knight (x3 short behind the scene clips)

Disc 3

The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith
Enemy of the Bane

Series 2 synopsis
Photo galleries (x2: behind-the-scenes and scene shots)
Quiz (answer questions correctly to see Comic Relief 2009 special)
Trailers (SJA Cinema Trailer and the 10 Drs Trailer)

more covers

complete dvd

Special Features

  • CBBC trailers
  • Character, tools & alien profiles


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