The Sirens of Time

The Sirens of Time
The Sirens of Time

Regular Cast

Colin Baker (The Doctor), Peter Davison (The Doctor), Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Andrew Fettes (Commander Raldeth / Schmidt), Anthony Keetch (Coordinator Vansell), Michael Wade (The President), Sarah Mowat (Knight Commander Lyena), Maggie Stables ( Evelyn), Nicholas Briggs (The Temperon / Drudgers / Delegate)


Gallifrey is in a state of crisis, facing destruction at the hands of an overwhelming enemy. and The Doctor is involved in three different incarnations – each caught up in a deadly adventure, scattered across time and space. The web of time is threatened – and someone wants The Doctor dead.

The threeincarnations of the Doctormust join together to set time back on the right track – but in doing so, will they unleash a still greater threat?

the Seventh Doctor is in Episode 1 of this four-part story;the Fifth Doctor is in episode 2;the Sixth Doctor is in episode 3; and all three Doctors are in the final episode.


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  • The fifth, isixth and seventh incarnations of the Doctormake telepathic contact with one another to apprise all of them of the situation. They trigger it with the spoken command “contact”
  • Tegan Jovanka and Turlough are trapped in the Fifth Doctor’s TARDIS when it materialises on the U-20.
  • The Sixth Doctor mentions that he knows Hadene Lestrade.
  • Coordinator Vansell is a member of the Celestial Intervention Agency.
  • The Galactic Wonders Commission decides which objects are Wonders of the Universe.
  • The Sixth Doctor recalls climbing the Himalayas in 1289 during his first incarnation. (Marco Polo)
  • The method by which The Doctors telepathically contact one other (Contact) was first seen in The Three Doctors.
  • The Laws of Time (supposedly) stop The Doctor’s incarnations from meeting.

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