Steven Taylor

Place of Origin:

Planet of the Savages


The War To End All Wars
The Founding Fathers
The Locked Room

Main Voice Actor:

Alice Haig


Sida was Steven Taylor’s granddaughter. After he was deposed as king, Sida visited her grandfather to listen to his stories about travelling with the First Doctor and Dodo Chaplet. (The War To End All Wars)

She later took Steven to see the jarof the Doctor’s consciousness as it wanted to run for election. Steven told her the story of how he and the Doctor met Benjamin Franklin to show how he is not to be trusted. She found out that the consciousness of the Doctorkilled a boy in one of his experiments. She was told by the jar to run for election. (The Founding Fathers)

Sida became president of the planet of Savages. She gave Steven money to create a radio-telescope. She was there when The Doctor made contact with them. She was confused when The Doctor said he was on Earth and the same time as in Steven’s room. Steven told her about the deaths of Katarina, Bret Vyon, Sara Kingdom and Oliver Harper. The Vardans gave her nightmares. (The Locked Room)

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