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Shreela Govindia



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Cats Cradle: Warhead
Love and War

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Sakuntala Ramanee


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Shreela Govindia was a resident of Perivale in the late 20th century, and one of Ace’s friends.

Shreela was in Ace’s class at St Benedict’s School when they were eight, but they didn’t know each other. (Timewyrm: Revelation)

Shreela was one of several Perivale residents who was transported to the Cheetah World by a Kitling in 1989. She was reunited with Ace when she was transported to the same planet, also by a Kitling. She and others who had been trapped there were returned to Earth when Ace gained the ability to teleport “home.” (Survival)

In 1993, Shreela attended Julian Milton’s funeral, where she was briefly reunited with Ace. She told her that she had called Chad Boyle after receiving a Christmas card from him and had gotten a job on his newspaper. (Love and War)

Shreela went on to study journalism and became an award-winning science journalist. She also published several books. However, due to the high pollution of the early 21st century, she contracted a fatal autoimmune disease. The Seventh Doctor visited her in her room in Hammersmith Hospital and asked her to claim authorship for a science article he had written about telekinesis as part of his plan to defeat the Butler Institute, which she reluctantly agreed to do. She succumbed to her illness shortly afterwards. (Cats Cradle: Warhead)

Ace, while under the Garvond’s mental attack, remembered Shreela as one of the people who had faced death and not survived. (The Dimension Riders)


Shreela’s last name was not given on-screen, only in Warhead.

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