In the far future, the inhabitants of Tarsus Six face a desperate struggle to evacuate their world before their sun, Tarsus Ultra, collapses into a cataclysmic spatial anomaly.

When The Doctor navigates the TARDIS to a space station orbiting Tarsus Six, Ace assumes that he intends offer their assistance. But it soon becomes clear that The Doctor has an agenda of his own.

With the TARDIS immobilised, Ace realises that their own lives are as much in danger as those of the fleeing inhabitants. The race is on to escape the destruction of Tarsus Six and the devastating shockwave that will follow, reaching out and destroying everything in its wake.

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  • Shockwave was the seventh release of the Destiny of the Doctor audio series, produced by Big Finish Productions
  • Ace claims that when you travel in the TARDIS, everyday is different from the one before.
  • Tarsus Six’s sun, Tarsus Ultra, is a red giant.
  • Ace has witnessed at least one supernova.
  • The Tarsus system was seeded by humans in the 45th century.
  • Captain OhOne is the captain of the Obscura while KaySix is the first officer.
  • The Doctor and Ace pose as diplomatic envoys from the Earth Empire. Earth Central is the governing body of the Empire’s colonies.

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