Shirley Anne Bingham



Shirley Anne Bingham




Scientific advisor

Afflicted With:


Place of Origin:


First Appearance:

The Star Beast

Other Appearances:

The Giggle

Main TV Actor:

Ruth Madeley


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Shirley Anne Bingham was UNIT’s fifty-sixth scientific adviser. She was a wheelchair user. Shirley could sit in her wheelchair with crossed legs, indicating that she was not paraplegic, but had some other type of physical disability. She had a northern accent.


After she joined UNIT, Shirley read the files about The Doctor and his ability to regenerate; she knew the appearances of the Doctor’s tenth, eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth incarnations.

In late 2023, Shirley was tasked with evaluating the Meep’s “crashed” ship at the Millson Wagner Steelworks, where she found the Fourteenth Doctor snooping around the facility and conducting an investigation of his own; Shirley interrupted The Doctor, and the two shared data on the crash while formally introducing themselves to one another. Shirley recognised The Doctor’s face as belonging to their tenth incarnation. However, The Doctor indicated he knew the appearances of the three Doctors that followed the Tenth; this confused Shirley, who believed The Doctor was “forbidden” from knowing about his future selves. The Doctor then clarified and explained that he was actually the Thirteenth Doctor’s successor, who had inexplicably gained a face and body near-identical to that of the Tenth Doctor. (The Star Beast)

Two days later, Shirley was present at UNIT’s London HQ when The Doctor and Donna arrived to assist Kate Stewart with combatting the Giggle crisis. Shirley and all UNIT personnel wore Zeedex armbands which shielded them from the Giggle’s worst effects.

When Kate deactivated her Zeedex to demonstrate the Giggle’s effects on her psyche, she quickly grew conspiratorial and accused Shirley of not needing to use a wheelchair, among other things. After UNIT soldiers forcefully placed the Zeedex back on her arm, Kate apologised for her outburst.

Later, Shirley was in attendance as the Toymaker terrorised UNIT while dancing to Spice Up Your Life. She also witnessed the Fourteenth Doctor bi-generate into the Fifteenth Doctor, and their subsequent triumph over the Toymaker. When the Fifteenth Doctor exploited the Toymaker’s lingering magic to duplicate the TARDIS, the Fourteenth Doctor and Shirley noticed the new TARDIS was wheelchair-accessible. (The Giggle)

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