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Knock Knock

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Knock Knock


Oh! This freaky Scooby-Doo house!

Leader of the group Shireen has been Bill’s best friend since they were little. Now she’s studying at St Luke’s Uni, she’s keen to bring her new friendship group together with her oldest mate.”Everyone, this is Bill, your new housemate. Be nice!” Anxious for the new house share to be a success, she’s frightened by its weird noises, and annoyed that Bill hasn’t made an effort with her Uni mates.

When Shireen and Bill find their way to the Tower, and are greeted by the terrifying sight of a live, wooden girl and the carnivorous lice, Shireen desperately tries to keep her cool.”No offence but the insect things? I mean, I’m a celebrity get me out of here yeah?”

Unnerved by Bill’s curiosity, she urges her friend to leave.”Cockroaches. Had them on my gap year in Morocco. No problem!” But her brave attempt to save her and Bill gets her into serious trouble

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