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Diamond Dogs

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Knock Knock

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Mandeep Dhillon


Oh! This freaky Scooby-Doo house!

Shireen was a friend of Bill Potts. Following a search for decent and affordable student accommodation, Bill moved in with Shireen and a group of her closest friends to 11 Cardinal Road. (Knock Knock)

Shireen was a student of St Luke’s University in 2017. She was a good friend of Bill Potts and had met the Twelfth Doctor at his lectures. (Knock Knock)

Once, Bill and Shireen watched a submarine movie on Netflix at Shireen’s flat. (Diamond Dogs)

Shireen and a few other students began looking for student accommodation. After an afternoon of disappointing offers from an estate agency, they were approached by a Landlord who offered them his house for a cheap rent price.

The following evening, everyone moved in. Shireen began to notice strange noises coming from inside the walls and noted Pavel’s apparent absence. Once everyone had eaten, Bill and Shireen followed Paul upstairs only to hear alarming noises coming from his room. The house then seemed to come to life around them and sealed itself shut.

Bill and Shireen then went into Pavel’s room and found him partially absorbed into a wall, much to Shireen’s horror. Before they could help him, the Landlord appeared and stopped Pavel’s music, causing the wood to absorb him completely. They ran away as the Landlord began summoning Dryads to kill them and made their way into the tower. Shireen and Bill then met Eliza whose body had been turned into a wooden like substance to preserve her from death. Shireen tried to escape but the Dryads swarmed all over her and devoured her as Bill looked on in horror.

After Eliza killed herself along with John, her son, the Dryads restored Shireen and the other students to life and they escaped as the house collapsed around them. (Knock Knock)


Shireen was a pleasant, friendly and sociable girl who was good friends with Bill. However, the terrifying events that took place in the house slowly began to scare her. While at first she seemed to be coping with it rather well, the sight of Eliza in her mutated state quickly proved too much for Shireen and she tried to calmly leave. (Knock Knock)

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