Shaun Temple


Shaun Temple




Taxi driver

Place of Origin:



Rose Noble


Donna Noble

First Appearance:

The End of Time

Other Appearances:

We Are Family
The Star Beast
The Giggle

Main TV Actor:

Karl Collins


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Shaun Temple was Donna Noble’s husband and Rose Noble’s father.


Shaun and Donna were engaged and living together, in a small flat, as they had very little income — Shaun was on minimum wage and Donna was earning “tuppence”. He was unaware of Donna’s life with the Tenth Doctor because Donna herself wasn’t aware of it, (The End of Time) as The Doctor had had to reset Donna’s memories after her mind began overloading after she became The DoctorDonna. (Journey’s End)

On Christmas Eve 2009, the Tenth Doctor saw Shaun and Donna shopping. The following day — Christmas Day — they went to the Nobles’ house to give Wilfred and Sylvia their presents: Wilfred’s gift was Joshua Naismith’s Fighting the Future. Shaun was talking with Donna and Sylvia while Wilfred was trying to watch the Queen’s speech. Later that day, when The Master walked into the Immortality Gate, he took over Shaun and turned him into another member of the Master Race. When Rassilon reversed The Master’s transfer of genetic code, Shaun returned to normal along with the rest of the human race, before finding the now-unconscious Donna, bringing her to the Nobles’ home. (The End of Time)


In the Spring of 2010, he married Donna. As he exited the church, he high fived a man, was kissed on the cheek by Wilf, before posing for a photograph with Donna and her friends. Wilf and Sylvia spoke to The Doctor, who was watching the wedding from afar, and he gave them an envelope containing a lottery ticket to give to Donna, to solve her and Shaun’s financial issues. After Wilf and Sylvia gave the ticket to Donna, she hollered to Shaun to remind him that they were on a tight schedule as oxtail soup was being served at 02:30pm. (
(The End of Time)


Within the next few years, Shaun had a daughter, Rose. Years later, when Rose was in her teens and Donna had a lingering feeling that “there was once more to her life than she remember[ed]”, the Fourteenth Doctor returned to the family while Rose discovered “something alien”. (We Are Family)

Shaun watched the Venom films at one point, complaining about how characters seemed to gain extra mass when growing in size, questioning the science behind it. (Wild Blue Yonder)


According to Wilfred Mott, Shaun was “sweet enough”, being a dreamer. (The End of Time (part one) Shaun was a “kind man”. (We Are Family)

Donna Noble thought of him as a nice and lovely man, who would keep going back to the place where she was last seen every single day in case she would got lost. (Wild Blue Yonder)

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