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Planet Bollywood


The Child of Time


The Shasarak were an insurgent faction of humanoid creatures native to Baloch.

The Shasarak were humanoid, with small tusks, pointyears and broad noses. They had a range of skin colours, including green, blue and purple. (Planet Bollywood)


This species had advanced technology with gravity-shock battle armour (which looked Indian) and high-intensity laser cannons. Their spaceships were triangular with orange exteriors and two guns on the front. (Planet Bollywood)


At some time, the elephant-like natives of Bodach created the Muse. When the Shasarak learned of the potential powerof the Muse, they tried to take it for their own. The Muse escaped on a spaceship, but the Shasarak shot it down and followed her to the planet she crashed on. With the help of the Eleventh Doctor, the Muse was able to stop them and the Shasarak were arrested. (Planet Bollywood)

During this encounter with The Doctor, an individual touched The Doctor’s infected TARDIS, and was absorbed. Later, when The Doctor visited a space station with a damaged time engine, the TARDIS was caught in a temporal acceleration field, causing the individuals that had been absorbed to appear on the surface. The Shasarak commanded The Doctor to free him. They then coalesced into one enormous creature, which was lured into the ship’s teleport by The Doctor. He attempted to reconstitute it into its individual parts, but failed, accidentally creating Chiyoko instead. (Apotheosis)

The Doctor was eventually able to convince Chiyoko to undo her own existence. As a result, the Shasarak individual never joined the revolutionary front, instead attending singles night, meaning he never pursued the Muse and thus never got absorbed by the TARDIS. (The Child of Time)


  • “Shasarak” is an anagram for Rakshasa, a type of Hindu demon.

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