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Doctor Who Shada


Pages 416
ISBN 978-1–327-1
Publication date

5 March 2012







Inside this book is another book — the strangest, most important and most dangerous book in the entire universe.

The Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey is one of the artefacts, dating from dark days of Rassilon. It wields enormous power, and it must not be allowed to fall into the wrong hands.

Skagra — who believes he should be God and permits himself only two smiles per day — most definitely has the wrong hands.

Beware Skagra. Beware the Sphere. Beware Shada.












  • Part One: Off the Shelf
    • Chapters 1-13
  • Part Two: An Uncharitable Deduction
    • Chapters 14-24
  • Part Three: Out of Sight, Out of Mind
    • Chapters 25-36
  • Part Four: Carbon Copies
    • Chapters 37-51
  • Part Five: Gallifrey’s Most Wanted
    • Chapters 52-61
  • Part Six: Brought to Book
    • Chapters 62-75


  • An opening chapter focusing on Skagra is added.
  • There is a homosexual subtext to Skagra recruiting David Taylor. The character is given a greater presence than in the original story, although his character was also elaborated on in the webcast.
  • The scene with the Doctor being chased by the sphere on the bicycle is relocated to nighttime. This was the original intention in the script, but could not be filmed as such due to strike action. (Taken Out of Time)
  • There are added scenes featuring Chris walking around the TARDIS and finding his bedroom.
  • The closing of the novel adds a scene of Chris, Clare and Chronotis being escorted to the police station, and a scene of the Doctor and Romana using the Randomiser in the TARDIS.


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