The Seventies

The Seventies


Doctor Who The Seventies Large Hardback Book. Shop Stock Room Find. Released by Doctor Who Books / Virgin Publishing in 1994, as the second of the three books covering the sixties, seventies and eighties Dr Who. The 1970s was the decade when “Doctor Who” was broadcast in colour, when Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker created the performances that most people regard as the definitive Doctors, when Doctor Who started to attract fans around the world and when British viewing figures reached their peak. With over 400 photographs, this book is a visual reference that provides fans with detailed behind-the-scenes descriptions of Doctor Who’s growth and change over this most important decade. Brand New Shop Stock Room Find. Discovered in the store room of a closing down shop with a whole host of other books from a similar era. Mint Condition, never sold & never read just a few minor stacking marks on the dust cover. All orders received before 4.00pm Monday to Fridays are shipped the same day.


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