Seven Keys To Doomsday

Seven Keys To Doomsday

Seven Keys To Doomsday

Regular Cast

Trevor Martin (The Doctor), Charlie Hayes (Jenny), Joe Thompson (Jimmy), Nicholas Deal (Jedak), Christine Brennan (Tara), Steven Wickham (Garm/The Masterof Karn), Paul Thornley (Computer/Marko), Nicholas Briggs (Daleks)


A special audio adaption of the Doctor Who stage-play from the 1970s.

Teenagers Jimmy Forbes and Jenny Wilson fight their way through the crowd and take their seats in the front row of the theatre. Jimmy is delighted as they’re in the best place to join the ice cream queue during the interval. The curtain pulls back and the audience starts to applaud as the play begins…

Suddenly the TARDIS materialises on the stage. Jimmy is impressed by the special effects and wonders how it was achieved. The door to the police box opens and a man emerges who promptly collapses to the floor. Although Jimmy thinks it’s probably just part of the show, Jenny is convinced the man is genuinely ill and wants to help him. She runs from her seat and climbs up onto the stage, followed reluctantly by Jimmy. The two youngsters help the man to his feet, but he insists on going back inside the police box so they carry him through the door.

Jimmy and Jenny are shocked to find themselves in a futuristic looking control room that’s biggeron the inside than the outside. Jimmy believes it must be achieved by mirrors, but then the doors close behind them and the sound of the TARDIS engines fill the air. The man collapses to the floor again and – to their amazement, his face begins to change before their eyes. Seconds later, the man has taken on a completely new appearance. He immediately begins checking the controls, then he tells the youngsters that the Time Lords are steering the ship by remote control and complains that they didn’t have the politeness to ask first.

Jenny tells the man his face is different, but when he looks at himself in a mirror, he seems reasonably satisfied with the result. He quickly explains to them the concept of bodily regeneration and tells them he was badly wounded in an ambush While on an archaeological expedition to the ruined planet of Karn. He produces a large crystal, like a diamond, which he says he found there, and says he only just managed to get back to the TARDIS and set the course back to Earth. He can’t remember anything after that, but obviously his injury must have triggered off a regeneration.



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  • Seven Keys to Doomsday was an audio adaption of the stage play
  • This audio drama was recorded on 15 and 16 July 2008.
  • In a February 2008 interview with Dicks, it was revealed that he had been contacted by Big Finish Productions to adapt his Doctor Who plays for audio release. Seven Keys to Doomsday was released in October 2008 and featured Trevor Martin reprising his stage role as The Doctor.

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