Survivors in Space

Survivors in Space
Serpent Crest: Survivors in Space


It has been three months since the Hexford catastrophe, and Mike Yates is trying to show strength of leadership to the villagers. But with morale low and supplies running out, it is increasingly difficult to keep his own hopes up. Unless somebody finds them soon, the future looks bleak.

So when the TARDIS materialises on the village green, it seems that help has arrived at last. But with two Doctors apparently at large, there is still the small matter of what was buried under Nest Cottage – not to mention who is clamouring to break through the protective force field. Soon Hexford is under siege once again, and this time an ancient hunger will be sated. Time has run out for the keepers of the Skishtari egg…


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  • Mike Yates states that the bees did not survive the trip into space. However, many bees are aliens. (The Stolen Earth)
  • Wibbsey is afraid of the bees, due to her previous encounters with the Hornets. (Hornets’ Nest)
  • To check the Second Doctor’s creditability, the Fourth Doctor checks his Five Hundred Year Diary. He finds no reference to the events of his life. (The Power of the Daleks)
  • The Second Doctor referring to “outwitting the Cybermen as they rose from their tombs” (The Tomb of the Cybermen) sealing away The Daleks (The Evil of the Daleks) and defeating “those crabs too” (The Macra Terror).

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