The Hexford Invasion

The Hexford Invasion

Serpent Crest: The Hexford Invasion


It’s been many months since The Doctor was in Hexford, and Mrs Wibbsey keenly feels his absence. As her grave suspicionsabout her new neighbour grow, she is in dangerof becoming ostracised from village life. When Mike Yates turns up at Nest Cottage with a visitor in tow, Mrs Wibbsey’s life is turned even further upside down. Why has this strange new fellow appeared – and can he really be who Mike thinks he is?

With UNIT watching the skies, and a strange forest growing daily around the village perimeter, it comes as little surprise when an enormous spaceship slides into view and dominates the skyline. Who is watching Hexford, and what do they want?

Never has Mrs Wibbsey needed The Doctor more. But can she cope with two…?


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  • David Troughton, who plays the clone of the Second Doctor, is the son of Patrick Troughton, who played the Second Doctor from 1966 to 1969.
  • The Second Doctor exclaims “Oh my giddy aunt!” upon seeing the space ship.
  • The Fourth Doctor says that he does not remember the events in his past, but when he learns that it is his second incarnation, he states that it was because of Time Lord intervention, suggesting a placement within Season 6B. However, the next episode shows this to be false.
  • The Second Doctor makes reference to “Yeti in the underground (The Web of Fear) and Cybermen in the sewers.” (The Invasion)
  • The Second Doctor recognises the Fourth Doctor, as the real Second Doctor had met him before. However, the Fourth Doctor hasn’t yet met the Second Doctor. (Heart of TARDIS)
  • Mike Yates recalls the events of The Three Doctors.

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