Biological Type:


Place of Origin:

Petingard system

Notable Individuals:

Surgeon Lenova


Pest Control


Serfians were insect creatures derived from a simple drug integrated through an injection.

Serfians were beetle-like aliens that hatched inside other creatures. They lived in hives in a system that was similar to that of bees. The queen was slug-like, and laid eggs for the colony.

The Tenth Doctor and Donna discovered that humans were transforming into these creatures because of an injection supposedly used to help ease an injury.

Surgeon Lenova turned out to be a queen of the species, and had been producing millions of Serfians for a long time and storing them in a hive beneath the medical camp. These Serfians multiplied and were prepared to start an invasion of the planet Rescension instead of allowing either the Aquabi or human to succeed.

They were hunted for a long time by Sharback Pest Control Robots, who slaughtered the Serfians because of their forced evolution into the universe. The Doctor and Commander Perdova used one of these robots to end the Serfian invasion. (Pest Control)

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