Lady Sepulchra



Lady Sepulchra


Time Lord

Place of Origin:




Affiliated With:

Time Lord Academy


Scenes From Her Life

Main Voice Actor:

Jacqueline King


Lady Sepulchra was the name used by a Time Lord Educator after becoming one of Caleera’s assistants.

The Educator worked at the Time Lord Academy and taught temporal mechanics. She often admonished Caleera for daydreaming, which she found frustrating as she knew that CaleeraCaleera’s psychic powers awoke and injured the Educator, although she was not badly harmed.

After being manipulated by the Eleven, Caleera kidnapped the Educator, Sternbar and the Psychosurgeon in a stolen TARDIS and hypnotised them into helping her with her experiments to broaden her powers. Living in the damaged TARDIS in the Time Vortex, the time winds drove them insane and they became Lady Sepulchra, Lord Stormblood and Swordfish.

Believing themselves to be an aristocratic couple, Lady Sepulchra and Lord Stormblood helped Caleera test her powers on various prisoners. They believed that the Eighth Doctor could help with the experiments when he arrived and took him and Liv Caleera to Caleera Instead, Liv saved the wife and freed the other prisoners, who grabbed a hold of the three helpers. They told Liv that they were helping Caleera and, after asking Caleera to set them free, were exposed to the Time Vortex and killed. (Scenes From Her Life)

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