The Sensorites

The Sensorites DVD
The Sensorites


Number of DVDs: 1
DVD Number: BBCDVD3377
Certification: PG
Duration: 150 minutes
Release Date: 23 Jan. 2012


The TARDIS lands on the deck of a gigantic spaceship from 28th century Earth. Its Captain, Maitland, explains that they are under the control of a race called the Sensorites, who live on Sense-Sphere planet. They are all physically identical, with huge, bald heads. Through telepathic communication with Susan, the Sensorites invite them down to Sense-Sphere for talks. They explain they know the spcship has discovered the mineral Molubdenum on their planet, and they are wary of being exploited. The Sensorites fear Humans because many of they have died since another spaceship left. The Doctor discovers deadly nightshade in the city’s wter supply and tracks down the culprits to underground caves – three deranged spacemen left behind from a previous expedition. The Captain promises to say nothing of the Sensorites existence.

Episode entry

Special Features

  • Commentary by William Russell and Carole Ann Ford
  • ‘Looking for Peter’ – Toby Hadoke goes in search of the enigmatic Peter R Newman. Nicholas Briggs.
  • ‘Secret Voices of the Sense-Sphere’ – Clive Doig reveals the origins of the eerie Sensorite voices.
  • Photo Gallery
  • Vision On – What exactly does a Vision Mixer do?
  • Coming Soon Trailer
  • Radio Times Listings

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