The Sensorites

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The SensoritesThe Sensorites


Pages 143
ISBN 0-426-20295-3
Publication Date 16 July 1967


The TARDIS materialises on board a dark and silent spaceship. As the First Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara penetrate the craft’ eerie gloom they come across what appear to be the bodies of two dead astronauts.

But the astronauts are far from dead, and are living in mortal fear of the Sensorites, a race of telepathic creatures from the Sense Sphere.

When the lock of the TARDIS is stolen The Doctor is forced into an uneasy alliance with the aliens. And when he arrives on the Sensorite’ planet he discovers that it is not only the humans who have cause to be afraid…



  • Prologue

  1. Strangers in Space
  2. War of Nerves
  3. The Dreams of Avarice
  4. The Unwilling Warriors
  5. The Quest for Freedom
  6. Hidden Danger
  7. A Race Against Death
  8. Into the Darkness
  9. Surrounded by Enemies
  10. A Conspiracy of Lies
  11. The Secret of the Caves
  12. A Desperate Venture

  • Epilogue


  • Rather than have a model layout of the aqueduct, the Sensorites provide a holographic map for Susan to direct Barbara and John whilst she talks telepathically.
  • Whilst Ian urges Maitland to hasten cutting open to the door in order to get to Barbara and Susan, he utters the words “For God’s sake man!”. Any words used in a family show at the time would never have been allowed.
  • The humans are part of an extremist group called INNER.

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