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This is a moving, witty and candid account of a fascinating life among the talents who defined the swinging sixties.

Appearing in ground-breaking television from anearly age, Anneke Wills was one of the busiest actresses of the 1960s – her role as Polly establishing a template forone of television’s most iconic and prized roles – the glamorous Doctor Who girl. This is a beautifully written story of a unique childhood, life at the heart of swinging sixties London, and a turbulent marriage to a leading actor. Anneke’s life revolved around the eccentrics, actors, film-makers, painters, designers, poets, satirists and drunks who were changing the world. She counted among her friends the leading lights of the time – from Peter Cook to Sammy Davis Jnr.

Illustrated in full colour with previously unseen photographs and Anneke’s own drawings and paintings, this is the story of a rich and colourful life, and the growth of a truly remarkable woman.


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  • First of two volumes comprising Anneke Wills’ auto (the second volume, Naked, was published 18 months later). Anneke is of course best known for playing Polly, companion to the First and Second Doctors between 1966-1967. This volume covers her childhood, early acting career and comprehensive coverage of her time on Doctor Who, featuring many previously-unpublished photos.
  • Also available as an abridged audio reading.


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