The Second Doctor: Volume Three

The Second Doctor: Volume Three
The Second Doctor: Volume Three

Regular Cast

Frazer Hines (Jamie McCrimmon / The Doctor / Granda / James Drummond), Wendy Padbury (Zoe Heriot), Lisa Bowerman (Narl), Nicholas Briggs (The Daleks), Nigel Fairs (The Announcer), Rufus Hound (The Monk), Simone Lahbib (Róisín Hunter / Jamie’s Grandmother), Emma Samms (Anya)

Other roles played by the cast.


Four new stories from the Second Doctor’s era.

14.1 The Death of the Daleks by George Mann

There is a creature loose on the war-torn planet of Tersimmon. It has just destroyed an entire race, and following its arrival, others are dying too. Only one person will defend this killer, this murderer, this destroyer: because Jamie McCrimmon knows The Doctor isn’t himself…

14.2 The Phantom Piper by Martin Day

Life in the colony world of Sora is idyllic, thanks to a device implanted in all citizens which helps memory recall. As a human visitor, Jamie receives one too. But soon The Doctor has concerns about his friend which lead to the office of local scientist Dr Hunter, and into the past of James Robert McCrimmon…

14.3 The Prints of Denmark by Paul Morris

The man Zoe travels through time and space with is a comical little man, eager to make a difference. To make things better. He’s a man who loves the Earth, its history, its potential, and is happy to help things along when he can. And now Zoe is the only one standing between him and changing Earth unrecognisably: for The Monk, the play’s the thing…

14.4 The Deepest Tragedian by Penelope Faith

Zoe is brilliant. Zoe loves to prove it, helping The Doctor and Jamie in their travels, coming to the rescue with a realisation or solving a puzzle. But she’s about to meet a puzzle that’s difficult to solve. A puzzle with a face. A puzzle with a heart. A puzzle that spells doom for The Doctor…


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