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Sites from which you can buy or trade Doctor Who (and other) merchandise.

(Charity Compilation) LifeDeath
AJRimmer’s Britcoms (Video Trading Page), (Joel Kathrens)
Ambrosia Books & Collectables, (Shaun Lyon)
Androzani, (Tara Eastwood)
Australian Music Books, (Harry Butler)
Bad Wolf Jacket, (John Doyle)
Big Finish Audio Productions, (Big Finish)
Black Tree Design Ltd
Blackpool Dr Who Museum Store
Brandler Galleries, (Kathy)
CM Gifts Ltd
Cult TV & Science Fiction Trading Page, (Paul Sida)
Doctor Who, (Gene Smith)
Doctor Who: Battles in Time, (GE Fabbri Ltd)
Dr Who Ringtones, (Dave Allan)
Forbidden Planet
Galaxy 4
gallifreyanguy’s Doctor Who Trading, (gallifreyanguy), (Telos Publishing)
Known Space Books Info Site, (Known Space Books)
Kulture Shock, (Richard Stubbings)
Larry’s Sci-Fi-Spy Media Catalog
Mike’s Comics Web Site, (Michael Salvo & Patricia Cryan)
Millennium FX Replicas, (Paul Gorton)
Parallel Worlds
Product Enterprise Ltd, (Steve Walker)
Science Fiction Continuum (The)
Scifind, (Brian Edwards) Doctor Who Zone, (Evan Marshall), (Brian Edwards)
Tenth Planet, (Paul Taylor)
The Memorabilia Shop, (Duncan Day)
The Prezzy Shop, (Faction Limited)
Third Zone Collectibles, (Craig Ernst)
Time’s Champion, (Eric J. Carter)
Timelord Knitwear, (Julie Hart)
TV Toys, (Frank Dugdale)
Video Trading Page, (Reuben Herfindahl)
Who North America, (Keith Bradbury)
Who One Ltd
Who Shop (The)
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