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Places to talk about Doctor Who, plus sites about the newsgroups.

76 Totter’s Lane, London [Facebook], (Jonnie Eades)
Alternate Eighth Doctors Matrix (The)
Bulletin Brash Reflections, (NitCentral)
Cardiff Rift, (Tim Coysh)
CBBC Doctor Who Forum, (BBC Online)
Creative postings (no binaries) [Newsgroup]
Doctor Who [Facebook], (Gina Nearing)
Doctor Who and his Blue Box, (Andrew Ainsworth)
Doctor Who Binaries [Newsgroup]
Doctor Who, (Shaun Lyon)
Doctor Who in the UK [Newsgroup]
Doctor Who Magazine [Facebook], (Tom Spilsbury)
Doctor Who Series 4 Finale Support Group – Journey’s End [Facebook], (Ty Davies)
Doctor Who vs Star Trek [Newsgroup]
Doctor Who YaWho List, (Nathan Baron)
Doctor WhoAudio [Mailing List]
DWIN Mailing List
Faction Paradox Forum, (Mags L Halliday)
FAQs + Info (Moderated) [Newsgroup]
General Discussion [Newsgroup]
I want a TARDIS [Facebook], (Graeme Mealey)
Jade Pagoda [Mailing List], (Iain Truskett, Jon Parkinson and Backrubslut)
Kiwi Fans of Doctor Who, (David French)
Logopolis Metropolis, (RichieTimeLord)
McGann Library (The), (Estelle May)
Panopticon [Mailing List]
Planet Skaro, (Ant Williams and Pip Madeley)
RADW Rogues Gallery (The), (Jim Vowles)
rec.arts.drwho Quote File (The), (Robert Smith?)
rec.arts.drwho.moderated [Newsgroup]
rec.arts.drwho.moderated FAQ
Sadwank [Mailing List]
Tamino BADWOLF, (Mindez)
The Doctor’s Rose, (Little Rose)
The Gallifrey Archives, (Deborah Rylands)
The New Doctor Who Forums, (Billy)
The Whoniverse, (Stephen Gray)
Timelord, (Mark Simpson)
Torchwood Appreciation Society [Facebook], (Richard Nelson)

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