Doctor Who Original Television Soundtrack

Doctor Who Original Television Soundtrack
Doctor Who Original Television Soundtrack


Doctor Who Original Television Soundtrack is a soundtrack album released on 4 December 2006, containing incidental music composed by Murray Gold and used in the 2005 and 2006 series of Doctor Who.

The release included a fourteen-page booklet containing an introduction to the album by “Doctor Who” Executive Producer Julie Gardner, written on 8 November 2006; and four pages of comments on the contents of the album, written by Murray Gold in November 2006. The booklet also featured many publicity pictures, including a Cyberman, a Dalek ship, Matron Casp and the New Earth Hospital, The Doctor and Rose, and a Slitheen. The last page has a picture of Dalek Sec from “Doomsday”.

It was originally released as a special limited edition, which featured a cardboard slipcase containing the jewel CD case, as well as a small badge featuring The Doctor and Rose, as seen on the cover artwork. In 2008 a new cover was released for this album, removing Rose and including a different picture of The Doctor. It was reissued in a limited edition of 500 2-LP sets on 2 September 2013.


Track no. Track time
1 “Doctor Who theme” (TV version) 0:40
2 “Westminster Bridge” 2:10
3 “The Doctor’s theme” 1:20
4 “Cassandra’s Waltz” 3:10
5 “Slitheen” 1:24
6 “Father’s Day” 1:57
7 “Rose In Peril” 1:41
8 “Boom Town Suite” 3:04
9 “I’m Coming To Get You” 1:14
10 “Hologram” 2:17
11 “Rose Defeats The Daleks” 2:33
12 “Clockwork TARDIS” 1:20
13 “Harriet Jones, Prime Minister” 2:15
14 “Rose’s theme” 2:16
15 “Song for Ten” (performed by Neil Hannon) 3:29
16 “The Face of Boe” 1:18
17 “UNIT” 1:46
18 “Seeking The Doctor” 0:43
19 “Madame de Pompadour” 3:46
20 “Tooth and Claw” 3:52
21 “The Lone Dalek” 5:01
22 “New Adventures” 2:21
23 “Finding Jackie” 0:54
24 “Monster Bossa” 1:39
25 “The Daleks” 3:03
26 “The Cybermen” 4:34
27 “Doomsday” 5:11
28 “The Impossible Planet” 3:13
29 “Sycorax Encounter” 1:13
30 “Love Don’t Roam” (performed by Neil Hannon) 3:59
31 “Doctor Who theme” (album version) 2:31

Total running time: 75:26 minutes

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