Biological Type:


Affiliated With:

The Ten-Strong

Place of Origin:


Notable Individuals:



Ten Little Aliens


The Schirr were a species that came from a planet which became annexed by the Earth Empire. A group of Schirr, called the Ten-Strong, waged war against the Earth Empire for doing this.

They had broad, round heads which were mottled pink. Their eyes were of a milky-white colour with small red pupils. Theirears drooped down from both sides of their head and their noses were squat and fat, often with thick nostril hair in it. They had large lips, with a rubbery and thick quality to them. (Ten Little Aliens)


They lived on a planet that was later annexed by the Earth Empire and renamed Idaho. For this, a Schirr named DeCaster and his group, the Ten-Strong, led a terror campaign against the Empire for a long period of time.

Long ago, Morphiean magical rituals were frequently active in their sectorof space. Although once they took an isolationist stance to foreign affairs, they gave up using it. Certain Schirr elements, however, still practised these arts, such as DeCaster. (Ten Little Aliens)


The Schirr had an advanced technology for piloting and controlling spacecraft. They would upload the relevant cartographic information onto crystals, so that they would be pre-programmed to go to their destination. The crystals were then burnt into the ship’s systems at launch. (Ten Little Aliens)

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