Appearances: “Planet of Fire

DoctorsFifth Doctor

 Companions: Peri


Sarn was a volcanic planet which had been a colony of Trion. The Trions mainly used Sarn for its regenerating Numismaton Gas, but they began using it as a prison planet for political prisoners.
The people of Sarn descended from a high-technology society into tribalism and superstition. they worshiped Logar, God of the Fire Mountain, and sacrificed unbelievers in fire.

When Turlough and the Fifth Doctor went to Sarn, Turlough sent a distress call to Trion, requesting assistance for the people, who were threatened by a volcanic eruption during the Time of Fire. (Planet of Fire)

Behind the scenes

The Sarn landscape was depicted through filming in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.

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