Colony Sarff

SarffColony Sarff



Colony Sarff


Snake-like creature

Affiliated With:


First Seen In:

The Magician’s Apprentice


The Witch’s Familiar
The Day at The Doctors

Main Actor:

Jami Reid-Quarrell


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State Sarff was a worker to Davros. He was contained one enormous and numerous little aware snake-like animals. By working as one, the snakes had the option to emulate a solitary humanoid person. In any case, each snake could act autonomously and the province settled on choices as a majority rule government.


Sarff visited New Hippocrates when he was wiped out. (The Day of the Doctor)

Sarff scanned for the Twelfth Doctor, venturing out to the Maldovarium, the Shadow Proclamation, and Karn. They experienced the Sisterhood of Karn, who could prevent them from utilising their snake capacities against them. While unconsciously within the sight of the Doctor, they told Ohila, the Sisterhood’s High Priestess, that Davros was looking for him.

Sarff came back to Davros, who revealed to them that so as to discover the Time Lord they should initially discover his companions. They at that point pursued Clara Oswald and Missy to Essex in 1138, where one of the snakes assaulted Bors and bit him, infusing into Bors venom loaded up with Dalek transformation nanogenes which before long transformed him into a Dalek manikin. They exchanged The Doctor, Clara, and Missy (with their hands bound by more snakes) to their spaceship where they ventured out to Skaro. They at that point went with The Doctor to see Davros, who requested that they leave. (The Magician’s Apprentice)

Sarff recovered The Doctor after he got away in Davros’ seat, as their snakes were covered up inside it. Davros then had Sarff mask themselves as links throughout his life emotionally supportive network, as a major aspect of a plot to take The Doctor’s recovery vitality. Sarff got The Doctor when he contacted the links and started depleting his vitality, however soon they were shot by Missy with a Dalek gunstick, and died after the machine was annihilated. (The Witch’s Familiar)


In Welsh “Sarff” means “serpent”.

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