Sarah Drummond



Sarah Drummond




Esther Drummond


Alice Drummond
Melanie Drummond


Escape to LA
End of the Road
The Blood Line

Main Actor:

Candace Brown


Sarah Drummond was the elder sister of Esther Drummond. In 2011, it appeared that she was either unmarried, divorced, or widowed. According to Esther, she “can’t cope” and broke down quite easily, believing every little thing she read or was told. (Dead of Night, Escape to LA) She had two children, Alice and Melanie. Because of a call from Esther to Child Protective Services, Sarah ending up being admitted to a psych ward, while her children were placed in foster care. (Escape to LA) She initially wished for her and her children to be classed as category one (The Gathering) but didn’t manage to. After the end of the Miracle, which resulted in Esther’s death, Sarah and her children were present at her funeral, paying their respects. (The Blood Line) Gwen Cooper gave Sarah and her family a small fortune to help make their lives better. (Army of One)

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