Sandola Dell



Sandola Dell




Entertainment host

Affiliated With:

The Freedom Thoughtcasting Network

First Seen In:

The Warmonger


Mistress of Chaos


Sandola Dell was a reporter, built by Berakka Dogbolter, whose primary job was to report on the battle between Tumat and Kraytos While devastating the local civilisation of Gatan.

After being constructed by Dogbolter, Sandola had to work off the cost her own manufacture before she received a salary, something she did not approve of. This led to her believing that some less involving jobs were beneath her.

On Gatan, Sandola was first noticed by Ryan Sinclair and Graham O’Brien, the formerof which called her a “flying robot lady”. She later broadcast footage of the fighting to The Freedom Thoughtcasting Network, where she noticed Graham and Ryan during a commercial break. After arguing with them about not being local to the area, she teleported them to The Eye Above. The moment she realised that The Doctor was also on the planet, Sandola teleported herself back and delivered The Doctor directly to her employer, Berakka Dogbolter.

Being instructed to keep Graham and Ryan constrained, she locked them in a disused dressing room and complained about her situation, which the two men sympathised with. Explaining her history to them, they convinced her to take some time to herself, leaving them locked in the room alone as they worked out how to leave. After the two broke out, rescuing The Doctor in the process, Sandola was shouted at and threatened by Berakka for her carelessness. (The Warmonger)

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