Samson Griffin


Samson Griffin



Place of Origin:



Gemma Griffin

First Seen In:

Terror Firma


The Long Midwinter, Dear John, Big Bang Generation

Main Actor:

Lee Ingleby


Life before The Doctor

Samson once had a summer job at Folkestone Library. (The Long Midwinter)

Travels with The Doctor

After meeting The Doctor in the Folkestone Library, Samson and Gemma followed him into his TARDIS. The Doctor and the two siblings travelled to several planets, including Valuensis, Porteus and Murgatroyd. They visited the Ice Caves of Shabadabadon, the court of Queen Elizabeth I, prehistoric Earth and Studio 54. (Terror Firma)

The Doctoronce left Samson and Gemma in Vienna in 1816 while he left to investigate a temporal distress call. (Mary’s Story)

they were paid a visit to a friend of the Doctor’s, Edward Grainger, on 25 June 1956. (Dear John)

Encounter with Davros

After a trip to Valuensis, the trio came across a Nekkistani time cruiser. Samson and Gemma went on board to explore. They encountered Davros. He took control of their minds and made Samson knock out The Doctor. Davros used Samson to control the TARDIS, piloting it back to Earth. Davros altered The Doctor’s memory so he forgot all about the siblings.

The Doctor went on his way, and met Charley Pollard and C’rizz. Samson remained subconsciously aware of the Doctor’s travels, and Davros used this to monitor The Doctor. Davros had infected Gemma with a disease which mutated humans into Daleks. He used this to pave the way for the Dalek invasion of Earth.

The Doctor, Charley and C’rizz arrived on Earth and Davros sprang his trap. C’rizz joined a resistance to Daleks led by Gemma, and they attempted to make him the new Dalek emperor. This failed. In the end, The Doctor blackmailed The Daleks into leaving Earth, taking Davros with them and releasing Samson from their control. (Terror Firma)


the Twelfth Doctor saw Samson, among other companions, when Bernice Summerfield was hit by temporal energy in the Pyramid Eternia. (Big Bang Generation)

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