Sally Wright



Sally Wright



Place of Origin:





Gwynfor Evans

First Seen In:

The Forgotten Son


The Schizoid Earth
Mutually Assured Domination
Moon Blink
The Showstoppers
The Grandfather Infestation
Times Squared
Blood of Atlantis
Mind of Stone
Night of the Intelligence
The Daughters of Earth
The Fright Before Christmas
Home for Christmas
Piece of Mind


Lance Corporal Sally Wright was the adjutant to Oliver Hamilton in the late 1960s. Wright was also engaged at that time to Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. Walter Douglas introduced them in March 1968, and they began dating in Septemberof that year. The couple had an occasionally tense relationship due to his career focus, and several habits each had that annoyed the other; Alistair was even aware that he didn’t truly love Sally and this was him simply marrying a friend who would understand his job. They got engaged early March 1969. (The Forgotten Son)
Sally joined the Home-Army Fifth Operational Corps after they defeated the Ymir. (The Grandfather Infestation) A month later, she and Lethbridge-Stewart went on holiday to New York. (Times Squared)

When Lethbridge-Stewart was placed in prison as a ruse to gain the trust of inmate Hugh Godfrey, Sally wasn’t made aware of the plan, serving to make her reaction to the situation more genuine to hide Alistair’s cover. (Mind of Stone)

En route back from Bledoe, Sally revealed to Lethbridge-Stewart that she was the half-sister of Gwynfor Evans. They had a fractious relationship, and she was glad when Lethbridge-Stewart assigned Evans to Imber Base. (Night of the Intelligence)

After her car crashed in Strathclaide, Sally spent some time with the Daughters of Earth. It was after this experience that Sally realised she didn’t have strong feelings for Lethbridge-Stewart anymore, placing the strain on their relationship as starting not long after the London Event. Meeting up for dinner with Alistair, she decided to call off their engagement. (The Daughters of Earth)

As a result, he reassigned her to become adjutant to Major Leopold in Imber Base in April 1970. (The Lost Skin)

Under unknown circumstances, Sally died in late 1970 in an event involving both Harold Chorley and Director Vaar. This led Lethbridge-Stewart to date someone not in the services (Fiona Campbell). He never quite got over Sally’s death, and took on some responsibility for it. (Fear of the Web)

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