Sally Armstrong



Sally Armstrong



Place of Origin:


Affiliated With:

Ides Scientific Institute

First Seen In:



Time’s Horizon
Eyes of the Master
The Death of Hope
The Reviled

Main Voice Actor:

Natalie Burt


Sally Armstrong worked at the Ides Scientific Institute.

Sally was the inventorof the VSAI 0001. In 1970, she received a message from The Doctor, which he sent to her in his future. The message notified Sally that The Doctor had funded the Institute one billion pounds. She created a time space portal in The Doctor’s house in 107 Baker Street, where Daleks came through. She was killed by the Daleks as she tried to escape with The Doctor. (Fugitives) Molly O’Sullivan realised that Sally would now be alive since the timelines were negated after Straxus killed himself. (X of the Daleks)

After the timelines were negated, Sally was meant to die after being hit by a taxi. She was saved by The Master using the pseudonym “Harcourt De’ath”. (Time’s Horizon) The Master then used Sally to help him use the Eminence for his own ends. He taught her how to pilot his TARDIS during this time. When The Doctor showed up and allowed the Eminence to gain control of the Master’s TARDIS, Sally helped The Master to expel it into the Time Vortex. Shortly after, Sally helped The Master to kidnap Molly O’Sullivan. (Eyes of the Master)

Sally accompanied The Master and Molly into the Eminence war with humanity. There she helped The Master to inoculate humans with Molly’s retro-genitor particles. She used the information on Heron’s World to try and work out the dosage needed to inoculate people, taking into account their age and weight. (The Death of Hope)

She tried to negotiate with Jaldam to get the humans from Ramosa. She still didn’t like The Doctor. She wanted to see how her experiments had concluded. By this stage, she had programmed her ship with her voice. (The Reviled)

Liv Chenka worked out why Sally programmed her voice into the computers, as it left an imprint of herself as she knew that she was expendable to The Master. Sally was killed by Markus Schriver in a process of random selection between herself and Liv. (Masterplan)

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