Biological Type:

Humanoid lizards

Place of Origin:

The Enclave

First Seen In:

The Scarlet Empress

Other Appearances:

The Blue Angel


The Sahmbekarts were, in Daedalus’ opinion, “the wickedest bastards the Enclave [had] to offer”. They were humanoid lizards with large heads, weak arms, legs twice as thick as their torsos, (The Blue Angel) and scales coloured “a glittering jade”. (The Scarlet Empress

Originating from the Enclave, the Sahmbekarts received radio signals from the outside universe and became eager to fight and plunder all the people who lived there. A great Sahmbekart fleet was assembled, composed of crafts which were viciously sharp. When Daedalus connected the Enclave to the universe, the Sahmbekart fleet came in conflict with the crew of the Nepotist. (The Blue Angel)

A Sahmbekart was a member of Julia’s pirate crew on Hyspero. (The Scarlet Empress)

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