Sabel Blakely



Sabel Blakely



Place of Origin:



Alyst Blakely


Terrin Blakely


Jenibeth Blakely


Ollus Blakely


The Dalek Generation


Sabel Blakely was the first child of Terrin and Alyst Blakely and the older sister of Jenibeth and Ollus Blakely.

Sabel and her siblings were orphaned when her parents committed suicide to prevent their knowledge of the Cradle of the Gods from reaching the ears of the Daleks. She was found by the Eleventh Doctor and helped him investigate the purpose of the seemingly-helpful Dalek Foundation and the Sunlight Worlds but The Dalek Litigator had The Doctor exiled for accusing The Daleks of being evil (considered a hate crime), and Sabel and Ollus were placed under the care of Lillian Belle.

Approximately 90 years later, Sabel and Ollus were taken prisoner by The Dalek Time Controller and used as captives so The Doctor would activate the Cradle of the Gods. However, Jenibeth, turned into a Dalek puppet, resisted her control and fought The Daleks off while The Doctor set the Cradle to self-destruct. Before exploding, the Cradle turned the Blakelys back into children and brought their parents back to life as well. They no longer had any memory of the Doctor, but Sabel could hear the faint sounds of the TARDIS leaving. (The Dalek Generation)

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