Rupa Maguire



Rupa Maguire



First Seen In:

The Starship of theseus


Echoes of War
The Conscript
One Life

Main Voice Actor:

Nimmy March


Rupa Maguire was a zoologist and the wife of Quarren Maguire.

She met Quarren in a bar. (One Life)

She was delighted at being at the cruise on the Theseus. She invited the Eighth Doctor and Sheena. She later reminded The Doctor that he was alone when they first met after a time shift. After The Daleks attacked, he took her to the TARDIS but it had vanished. (The Starship of theseus)

She left The Dalek vessel they had used to escape with Quarren and Bliss to see the effects of the Last Great Time War and it crashed on a jungle planet. She documented what was happening in the jungle as it was constantly growing, dying, and regrowing. Upon seeing Jefferson’s death she got annoyed with the Time Lords because of the Time War. She went missing when there was an attack by the local fauna. She was found in the safe zone. (Echoes of War)

She was interrogated by Ollistra. The Doctor helped her escape. (The Conscript)

She didn’t want Ollistra to kill The Doctor and didn’t believe that Quarren was a Time Lord. After Quarren became a Time Lord again and wiped himself from history, she forgot that she was ever married to him. (One Life)

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