Ruminations, Peregrinations, and Regenerations - A Critical Approach to Doctor Who

Ruminations, Peregrinations, and Regenerations – A Critical Approach to Doctor Who


As the fans of Doctor Who have matured, and as many have become scholars, thay are returning to the show to consider it from a scholarly perspective. Of use in the media studies classroom as well, the book allows teachers to address directly the issues presented by the longest running science fiction show in the history of the medium. Ruminations, Peregrinations, and Regenerations: A Critical Approach to Doctor Who examines the famous BBC science fiction show as a cultural artifact in dialogue with other science fiction, with politics and religion, and with the culture at large, both in terms of how it reflects and comments upon that culture and in terms of the audience and the peculiarities of its response.

“As more and more scholarship turns to the study of individual series, this book makes a significant contribution to the field of television studies. Chris Hansen has put together an impressive collection of essays that focuses on an important question: why has the British series Doctor Who remained such a compelling and appealing show for so long? The chapters, written by established and upcoming media scholars, offer no singular answer and instead interrogate the series’ appeal from a variety of viewpoints, including race, gender, nation, globalisation, identity, religion, history and the show’s audiences. This is a compelling collection.”
John Krazewski, Seton Hall University
Authorof the New Entrepreneurs: An institutional History of Television Anthology Writers

Chris Hansen is an award-winning filmmaker and Directorof the Film & Digital Media program at Baylor University. He holds an MFA in script and screenwriting. His first feature, The Proper Care & Feeding of an American Messiah, screened in twenty national & international film festivals, including AFI’s Dallas International Film Festival and the Virginia Film Festival


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